viernes, 13 de junio de 2008


hey, i know my english is quite bad (really bad, i'm sorry u.u) , but i had no other way to say it only to you. You know, when i first met you, the first thing i thought was " she´s so serious D:" i was quite afraid... (that sounds so stupid xD)

then, i remeber that when i said my nickname was "haku", you said it was hard to remember xD
You said you'd remember it, and you did, but...can you forget it now??

and i feel like a real piece of shit right now, 'cause... we both know that i can not love you...or worse, that i can love you, but... why did you had to appear right now?
why now, just when my heart is so confused??
if i had known you just a few months before, everything would be so diferent!

... i'm so fucking selfish.... if i were a good person, i wouldn't mind if you just forget me,
but, why do i get this jealous? why i cann't let you forget me?...
...'cause even if don't want to admit it, i don't want you to.
no one had ever loved me like you did
no one would ever say " i love you" like you did... no one ever thought i was that especial...

i'm sorry.... please forgive me...i told you there're sides of me that are not so sweet as the one that you even if you stop loving me.....

please, stay with me...don't leave me alone....

is it too selfish?

please, say it is not.

Perdon, Danii*

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