miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2008

la la la ♬

I love the sound It makes when I tipe.

I've got nothing to write about

I'm watching the t.v. and writing at the same time
I love. You Love. We Love. They Love.
My fingers are cold. It always happends

I'm watching a gay cameleon on the t.v.
It's so cute ♥
She Loves. He Loves. It Loves?

Haven't heard the new that you're dead?
"I will survive! I will survive~!!!"

Of course I will. Who said I wouldn't?
This fucking internet is so slow...
I don't know what day is today
How far is the moon from here?
It really seems a lot
I'm making a rainbow, if you didn't notice

I'm so bored...
" Oh, oh oh!! Here we go oh oh!!!" ♬
DOT!! I could get a better name, honestly...
Singing in Sorrow, maybe a Love like Winter
Can we end this, please?

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