viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

500 days of Summer

no me gusto mucho, la verdad. en general tenia un enfoque lindo, partes realemnte graciosas, y esa escena, la unica realmente her-mo-sa, la que contrasta la realidad con sus expectativas.

bueno, aun asi, queria poner ciertas citas que realmente me gustaron, o si no las olvidaría y bueno, eso.

" This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy until the day he met the one. This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music and a total mis-reading of the movie 'The Graduate'. The girl, Summer Finn of Shinnecock, Michigan, did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her parent's marriage she'd only love two things. The first was her long dark hair. The second was how easily she could cut it off and not feel a thing. Tom meets Summer on January 8th. He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for. This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story."

"-What happens when you fall in love?
 -You believe in that?
 -It's love, it's not Santa Claus."

"  It's official. I'm in love with Summer. I love her smile. I love her hair. I love her knees. I love how she licks her lips before she talks. I love her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. I love it when she sleeps."

" I hate her crooked teeth. I hate her 1960s haircut. I hate her knobby knees. I hate her cockroach-shaped splotch on her neck. I hate the way she smacks her lips before she talks. I hate the way she sounds when she laughs. ["She's Like the Wind" plays]  I HATE THIS SONG!"

"Roses are red, violets are blue... Fuck you, whore!"  ===> best quote SO FAR

"Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin, and they end, with no lasting memories made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life"

"Robin is better than the girl of my dreams. She's real. "

"Either she's an evil, emotionless, miserable human being, or... she's a robot."

"I love how she makes me feel, like anything's possible, or like life is worth it"

"This is lies. We are liars. Think about it. Why do people buy cards? It's not because they want to say how they feel. People buy cards because they can't say they feel or are afraid to. And we provide the service that let's them off the hook. You know what? I say to hell with it. Let's level with America. Or at least let them speak for themselves. Right?"

blá :)

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